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Kit Includes:
1 – 12″ Pulley assembly with spring lock
1 – 16″ Pulley with cable guides
1 – 17″ Line Spacer

When determining your cable length needed, take your span distance x 2.
Cable not covered by warranty if pulley is fastened to a tree.
(To Upgrade to Stainless Steel cable, go to “Individual Parts”)


No mounting hardware included.

Additional spacers are 13″ long.

– Ball bearing hubs
– Powder coated finish
– Non-pinch finger guard
– Cable guides; which prevent derailing

One of the new features of the Skyline system is the non-pinch finger guard. You never have to worry about getting your fingers pinched again.

Pulley Clothesline Kit (Large)

  • Dropped shipped from manufacturer.

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