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Deluge brings our Coffee Lover's favorite of all times! Our Coffee Classic Body and Face Scrub and Our Famous Coffee Body Butter. 
Experience the best exfoliation and Body Butter of our Coffee Scrub and Coffee Butter, feels like a home spa body and face treatment with our unique creamy 2 in 1 Arabica Organic Coffee Scrub made with all Natural Ingredients that will remove dead skin cells, exfoliate, increase circulation invigorate, moisturize and make skin irresistibly soft.
  • Our Coffee Scrub and Coffee Butter is the perfect duo for those who want to keep skin clean and hydrated all day everyday. The exfoliating coffee scrub offers a superior rich hydrating cream formula we call it Zero Waste because you get to use the product till the last drop and no product waste in the drain. Our moisturizing body butter cream for even the driest skin. Deep hydrating and regenerating formulas keeps skin moisturized all day. Immediately softens and moisturizes skin.
  •  MADE IN USA. 100% 

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