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Clara's First Calf

The story of it's birth

Clara is our first Jersey cow and now we have her sweet little calf. Though we did not expect it on the day that it happened we knew that Clara was close to giving birth. She has been looking large lately and we knew that she must be close. My family and I had been gone most of the day and had just gotten home to start dinner. My mom, who is the main one who deals with the milk cows, was going into the field to get our other milk cow when she saw that Clara was giving birth. We ran over to the field to watch the amazing process of the new life entering the world. After about ten minutes though and not much progress we realized that she was going to need help. My mom quickly looked up how to pull a calf and then went into action, this was her first experience pulling a calf. About ten minutes later the little bull calf was born. The cow and calf were just fine, though thoroughly tired out. We made sure that the calf was alright before leaving them alone and we were all thankful that they were both alright. It was definitely not what we had expected for the evening though we are grateful for the cute little addition to our cattle herd. I am sure the little guy will sleep for a while after the whole ordeal. I hope you enjoy the picture below!

This is the mom licking her calf clean just moments after he was born.

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