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Chocolate Espresso Delight

Updated: Jun 4

A delicious creamy whip,dip, or pie filling.


I came up with this recipe when some of my family members and I started a diet. Because everyone knows one of the most tempting things about a diet is the desserts that you are not supposed to eat. Every Sunday at our church we have a potluck lunch and there are usually great looking desserts. Which is wonderful but when you are trying to only eat certain things it can be hard. So I needed to come up with \a dessert that would taste good enough that it would fulfill the craving and we would not eat the other desserts. I have made a cream cheese whip before and it was good. But I figured that we would need something with some extra flavor so of course the classic flavors of coffee and chocolate is what I chose. I made the whip and we took it to church the next day and it was a hit. So if you need a good dessert that is sugar free or keto I would definitely recommend that you try this recipe. You can also put it in a prebaked pie crust and top with a little keto whipped cream. Yum!


2 8 oz. Packages of cream cheese

1 cup heavy cream

¼ cup cocoa powder

2 tsp. Vanilla

½ cup stevia

½ cup xylitol

4 tsp. Espresso


Place all of the ingredients except the heavy cream in a food processor. Mix until it is mostly combined. While it is still mixing slowly add the heavy cream and blend until mixed. Place the whip in a container and put it in the fridge.

Now you have a rich chocolate coffee dessert and the best part is it's totally keto and sugar free! Top with a little whipped cream and it just gets better.


It tastes better if it sits for a few minutes before you eat it. Sometimes it takes a little while for the xylitol to dissolve

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