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Cheesy Party Pretzels

A Cheesy party snack that takes minutes.


Sometimes you need a fast snack, whether it is the munchies after dinner or a fast party snack that is wanted. One of the snacks that we make here for just such an occasion is cheesy pretzels. This recipe was made one night when we were going to make a spicy pretzel that we had many times. I think we ran out of one of the seasonings needed to make or it there was something in a ingredient that we did not want to use. Whatever the reason someone decided to pour powdered cheese onto the pretzels. They turned out good and we have made them multiple times since. It is such a quick thing to make and it is covered in cheese which is always good.


1 stick of butter

3/4 of a 15 ounce bag of pretzels

cheese powder to taste

In a large skillet melt the stick of butter. Once it is melted pour the pretzels in and make sure they get well coated. Now pour the cheese powder on and stir well. Pour into a large bowl and enjoy!


If you like really buttery pretzels put some more in before you add the cheese powder.

The kind of pretzels that we usually use are the twist, waffles, or nuggets.

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